Recreational Uses of California Marijuana by Adults

Cannabis or marijuana is a potent drug obtained from flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is widely cultivated all over the world yet in most countries it has been banned. It didn’t stop the cultivation of marijuana as such and instead, it paved way for an enormous black market running into billions of dollars in trade. For this reason and to put a dent into the flourishing secret trading of cannabis, some governments made it legal. In the USA, except for California, marijuana is banned, and any person dealing with it has to pay a fine or face imprisonment, depending upon the nature of the offense committed. 

Marijuana is harmful to children and selling this drug to them invites the most severe punishment under the law.  Adults, too, suffer from several health issues if not used in limited quantities. With the rising consumption of California marijuana authorities have decided to end the ban, and legislation was passed accordingly. 

Side Effects of Consuming Marijuana

Although marijuana was legalized for medical purposes in 1996, it was only in 2016 that it became legal for recreational use. This delay for recreational use was due to raging controversies about the side effects of marijuana. Since cultivation and trading in this commodity never actually lessened but peaked, California authorities thought that there was no meaning in making it illegal. 

They made sure that cultivation, harvesting, drying, retailing, and consuming marijuana may be carried out as per local laws and only by persons above 21. It is generally seen that medical marijuana is given in small doses to bring down chronic pain and other problems. In the case of recreational marijuana, there is no restriction as to how much a person can consume. However, this comes with a lot of side effects too. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the most potent compound found in the cannabis plant and can lead to hallucination, altered state of mind, behavioral problems, and cancer. 

Therefore, California marijuana can be consumed in small doses to avoid a psychoactive state.

Lab Testing, Checking, and Licensing

Lab Testing, Checking, and Licensing

Cannabis affects the mental and physical parts of the body adversely, mostly when consumed longer. If used in low quantities and only for relaxing purposes, it gives you joy within seconds. You also get an increased sense of sight, taste, and hearing. Your appetite increases and blood pressure is reduced. 

While taking California marijuana you must beware of driving as it gives you a false sense of time and loss of coordination. It may lead to accidents. You will find trouble solving problems or thinking logically. 

Otherwise, if you are healthy and wish to get rid of your daily stress or anxiety, you may consume cannabis inside your home or places beyond the reach of families and the public. You may use marijuana or cannabis by limiting the THC compound in it. For instance, THC is not water-soluble, and therefore having it in tea reduces the effects. 

You may also smoke marijuana in a cigar, cigarette form, as well as inside pipes and hookahs. Some people mix it with their food and eat it while others take it in form of capsules. However, mixing with food doesn’t reduce THC effects although marijuana in capsules may have been lab-tested if you were to procure it from a licensed dispensary.