Reliable Windows VPS server

One of the services provided by the hosting provider which is VPS rental based on Microsoft Windows. The user can choose from several versions of Microsoft Windows Server and the ability to choose the resources of the future server to suit the user’s requirements, which will allow choosing the optimal ratio of the required hardware capacity of the virtual server and the cost of services.

If you have a need to rent a virtual server, it can offer several options for ready-made configurations for specific tasks, as well as a VPS running one of the Linux distributions or Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or WS 2016. Both families of these OS perfectly cope with the widest range of tasks. And therefore, at times, it becomes difficult to understand which one is best for the user. When choosing, it is desirable to take into account a number of nuances, the first of which is the level of user training and experience in administering server systems.

Tips for choosing

Compared to any Linux distributions, Windows VPS are much easier to maintain, although they are not inferior in configuration flexibility. The emphasis is on the security of both the system itself and network services, protecting user data from hacking or accidental deletion from the moment the system was installed. It is not necessary to make independent server settings, and even backup services, because everything works from the start. Also, Microsoft Windows Server has a built-in remote desktop control service, which is more familiar to work with than through the SSH protocol in the Linux terminal, which is usually used without a GUI. The Windows Server interface looks the same as the familiar Microsoft Windows home work environment. All this provides a low barrier to entry, required by those who have no experience in Linux administration and servers, as such.

The second nuance that must be taken into account when ordering a Windows VPS is the programming languages and software that you plan to use on the Cheap Windows VPS. Trivial tasks, such as hosting web projects, are solved in both systems by almost identical software. For Microsoft Windows, there is a Microsoft Web Platform Installer application package that helps automate the installation and configuration of a ready-made web server based on Apache, MYSQL (or other tools) or one of the popular CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Projects based on CMS OpenCart, UMI.CMS, MODX function without problems on both OS. For Linux,

In turn, the .NET Framework and the ASP.NET or VBScript web application development environment, the set of Microsoft IIS services, and the MSSQL database management system were originally created and optimized to run on Microsoft Windows, so if you plan to use this software, choose Windows VPS is preferred. If in your project it is possible to use specific software that will work more efficiently in one of the systems, but you, at the moment, do not know this, it is advisable, when choosing a VPS for your project, to get advice from a technical specialist.

If your task is hosting a game server, then a system based on Windows Server is an unambiguous choice, because most servers of popular multiplayer games are designed to work under Microsoft Windows and can only work effectively on this OS. This does not apply, however, to game servers written in Java, due to their cross-platform nature – they show high performance on any system.